Unexpected Summer Fun Part 3: Nangaramoan Beach Super Bonding

It isn't how much time you have spent splashing and swimming and all that for a summer getaway. You know what's important? It is how you maximized your time to enjoy the place! Sometimes, it matters who you are with but most of the time, it matters what you're really up to. Why have you decided to go out to the beaches? To unwind, right? So just make the most out of it! It isn't everyday! Oh well, I'm saying this because we did! We totally made it an Beach Getaway to Remember! We only had about 24 hours not to mention the travel time and "nap time"! Wasn't it perfect? It was more than that!

Click through and check out what made our adventure one of the best I've ever had!

When I said there's more, there's so much more indeed! So after Tita Miles' Fear Factor Adventure, we had to define fun in so many ways... We had to enjoy the beautiful beach! There was so much to love about Nangaramoan Beach Resort. When I mean so much it means - the beautiful beach, the natural beach and still, the beautiful beach! Isn't it more fun in the Philippines?!

Don't also forget the Karaoke Bonding! The singing talents were on the loose! Wooohooo!

The Beach Walks daytime and nighttime!!!

OOPS! NOT TO MENTION THE COMPETITION! Who won? Hmmmm. Make a wild guess! The projection and the smiles were indeed awesome despite the heavy rock?! You bet!

Hey! Where are you taking the sand? Are we making our own Nangaramoan?? lol 

Tita Miles? Cool pose - hey! ;)

Nice pose Tita Miles! hehe.

And of course, the swimming and the endless pictorials!

       Special thanks to the car owners for their cars! Tita Miles - Tito Hernan! ;)

The guys also had their fun swim time not to mention their own version of pictorials! hmmm..

Jayceee! Help them! lol

Our sleeping quarters! Wherever we are, our smiles are ready, our scripts rehearsed for the shutters of the cameras! ;)

Travelling is indeed more fun in Pinas! I have not yet been able to tour the whole of Cagayan yet. There is just so much to see but time will come... for sure! Still, much thanks to our sponsors... You guys already know who you are... Posting this today 19April2013 - Happy Birthday Sam! ;)

Well, that's it so far for our Nangaramoan Beach Adventures! But there's more to the Unexpected Summer Fun! Let Us Take You There!

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