The Unexpected 2013 Summer Fun : Sta. Ana, Cagayan Part 1

The summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beaches! Yes - not just one beach but quiet a few! It was an unexpected getaway that we made through. All we wanted was to freshen up and treat each other with fun beach company and a thrilling relaxation discovering new places, meeting people.

Here's a peak through our Summer Adventure 2013!


We finally left the Ventura-Temanel residence after everyone had their coffee/milo.

The first car had Tito Hernan, Sinta, Tito JayR, Jaycee, Tita Vina and me!

On board the second car - Tita Miles, Sam, Ina, Kuya Jules and Ate Jo.  Fun convoy! Notice the second car ready for photos anytime? Well, that's the essence of travelling. Always be ready for the shutters' clicks!

The sunrise was just too inviting! It was calling me to take a photo. lol
It was actually Tita Vina's suggestion and I realized I needed the photo too!

Our first stop was as at Dugo Market where the fishes, veggies and fruits were bought and photos were taken! Also had a photo op with Tita Miles and - her car! Yes, that's at the market! The smiles deny the location, doesn't it? lol PICTORIAL IS REALLY MORE FUN IN PINAS!

When we finally reached the Municipality's vicinity, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed! Well, we all woke up so early for this getaway and for sure, everyone wanted to feel the beach breeze and swim into the beautiful wters!

Sta. Ana, Cagayan is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is one of the municipalities' asset that is well-promoted by the whole region. When I first visited Tuguegarao, the place is one of those popularly advertised everywhere! According to wiki, the municipality is named the Game Fishing hub of the Philippines! Wow! But to tell you honestly, I was more amazed at the beauty of the beaches I was going to see! I have been to nice beaches too but it felt like there was going to be something different to where we were headed to!

9:30 a.m

We finally reached our final destination! To where our April Summer is gonna happen even just for 2 days! The unexpected fun and adventures happened! Nangaramoan Beach Resort - the Hidden one, is a virgin resort that the Municipality considers. It looked like a hidden paradise to me!

And so, cars were parked. Where did all the people go?! Took photos? Savored the beach moment? Oh well.. It's one of those rare beach ops!

We had to suspend the excitement. The water splashing could happen but about a kilometer away! Low tide! But it didn't matter. We had to feed the hungry first! Wait - who was hungry anyway? I forgot! lol


Who wants sili barbecue?? Hmmm... Applause to the barbecue staff!

Tita Vina oh, look at Kuya Jules' expression... Hmmmm. Notice what's strange in this photo! lol

Meet the balat-hiwa-marinate crew! Hehe. Yumyum!

And the kilawen prep team! Life was just soooo good to the young ladies! lol

As to where have all the youngster gone? Pictorials of course!

And went for a swim as well! Came to the cottage famished and so the brunch began and a lot more smiles for the camera!

Tadaaa! The food we were to enjoy! Brunch by the beach! What a super duper mega rewarding prize! Well, for the elders who have worked so hard since the start of the year, the kids who have buried themselves into their studies, and for me who came all the way through! - Lovely!


After the sumptuous beach lunch, what could be more relaxing than me-time? Not the "me" but each other's me-time! Notice how each one finds a cellphone signal, how each one finds a place to charge a phone, relax, take a nap... Chat... What more can you ask?

Tito? Trying to contact Achii Mai? Hmmm. (Daaad!!!! lolz)

At Nangaramoan Beach Resort, cellphone signal is as bad as in Kuting Reef but it gives you a privilege to enjoy the beach and your "Me-Time".  Ate Jo's phone moment where she has all the signal while Kuya Jules was finding it so hard to catch one and of course, Tito Hernan over there! lol

Getting there took us about 4 hours drive from Tuguegarao City. We brought and bought along our own food, utensils and drinks. You may do the same. They can provide the grill for you!

The cottages we rented weren't that bad for the price plus our room at the beach house! Sincerest thanks to the sponsors! Since it is not yet that much of a resort, everything seemed oh-so-natural. Things seemed so simple. There was nothing to be intimidated about. Simple living. A very rewarding beach getaway...

Wait till you see the succeeding parts of our vacation! Yes - it wasn't just Nangaramoan Beach eating and relaxing! There was more! 

So just hang on for more and Let Us just Take You There!

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